an amazing book i need to recommend - Ace of Spades by David Matthews

this is my first posting. hello! my name is sarah, and i'm half black half jewish. my mother is jewish.

A friend of mine recommended a book called 'Ace of Spades' by David Matthews (you can find it here:, and I love it so much. I'm half way through it and I can't believe how great this book is. It's so funny and personable. There are moments where I have to put the book down and just burst out laughing. But wow, is it well written! David Matthews is poetic with his words. Truly astounding.

Here's a brief description from The New Yorker:
The son of a Zionist white mother and a Malcolm X-admiring black father, Matthews, in this memoir, is a boy without a race in a city, Baltimore, that requires him to choose one. The story of racial pinball is not entirely unfamiliar: the black kids reject him as too light-skinned, the whites as too broad-nosed. But Matthews displays improvisational verve—blacks are "burnished" and "browned butter," and whites are anything from "alabaster" to "a puffy marshmallow in Baltimore’s steaming cup of cocoa"—and narrates with the vigor of a movie script. Indeed, it is on television that, as a child, he finds the clarity he yearns for. "I was a living contradiction of elements that shouldn’t have been," he writes at one point, whereas on TV "everything was black, or white, and a lot like life."

Really, i can't recommend this book more! I love it! Have you read it?

here's the author, david matthews:

Bigger, badder, better BENT!! {Toronto, Ontario, Canada}

** Please feel free to forward **

Bigger, badder, better BENT!!

BENT is the little tart of a play party that your parents warned you about. It’s time to freshen up this little tart with a new pair of hose and some bright red lipstick! Yes, there are changes afoot and I wanted to take a minute to tell you about them.

BENT is on Saturday, April 5th, 2008
9:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m.
Tickets are $20.00 per person.

Your admission price includes light snacks and desserts, water and non-alcoholic beverages available all evening, even if you’re not playing!
The party is held at a private venue - location disclosed upon registration.

Please take note!!

The biggest change is that registrations will now be pre-paid.
Please take a moment to read and follow the registration steps at:

The deadline for reservations is noon on the day of the party to ensure that all registrations can be processed in time. Registration after that deadline is at your own risk, as e-transfer processing time is variable. We reserve the right to refuse entry to those not on the registration list, so don’t put it off. Register now!!

What else is new?

For those who’ve never attended this party (or even if you have), you may be interested in seeing photos of the BENT play space, our equipment and even a photo of your host!
Check out the new images page on the web site at:

The rest of the details!

Remember that volunteers for BENT get in free on the night they help out. If you're willing to help with setup, teardown, door or DM shifts, please contact me at Let me know what you can do, and if you have any shift preferences.

The rules for BENT are easy to view, and you’ll find them here:

Please contact me at if you have questions about anything related to BENT.

Hugs and pinches from your host,
Dana (Black Orchid)
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Did anyone watch "The Jewish Americans" on PBS?

Last three Sundays.  Great stuff:

Gave my wonderful (goy) husband and partner in all sorts of nefarious activities, an idea what I meant by explaining myself as culturally Jewish - identifying strongly as a Jew, but not practicing Judaism.

Yes, I know leather content, nil, but you all really don't want to hear about that part of my weekend!

Fetish Fair Fleamarket XXX: Jan. 11 - 13, Providence, RI

NELA's 30th Fetish Fair Fleamarket will be held this weekend in Providence, RI. Events kickoff Friday night with a fashion show, dance, and pool party. Vending and classes will be open on Saturday and Sunday.

NELA and The Network/La Red are holding the "Creatures of the Night" Fetish Masquerade Saturday night in the Providence Biltmore Hotel.

The fabulous Kinky Jews birds of a feather (BoF)[1] session will held again Saturday night from 6:00p - 7:00p (or whenever we get tired of talking).

More details can be found at

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bi bdsm rights

Pansexual Leather Social Group Forming in Northeast USA for 21-35 y.o. and their partners!


From pony_sprite
goLEATHER Northeast is holding its first meeting/party on Saturday January 26th in Rockville, MD!

What is goLEATHER?Collapse )

goLEATHER Northeast's first meeting will be held in a transit-accessible location in Maryland on January 26th, 2008 from 4pm till our hosts throw us out! Our first formal meeting will dissolve into a social party and potluck so please bring something with you if you are attending. Please contact the email below privately for location information. As always, goLEATHER is 100% free to attend.

More information can be found at
If you would like to RSVP and receive the address you can do so to at

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